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The Ratio Institute is an independent research institute based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our research focus on how conditions for enterprise can be improved.

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What drives OECD countries to adopt COVID-19 restrictive policies? New publication by Wennberg et al

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Vad förklarar OECD-ländernas olika beslut om lockdowns, skolstängningar m.m. under covid-19-pandemin?
Inom en två veckor lång period antog närmare 80 procent av OECD-länderna samm ...


Krakowski m.fl.: Don't panic – A human- and problem-centric approach to AI-led innovation

In an article published at the Stockholm School of Economics webpage, Ratio researcher Sebastian Krakowski together with Claire Ingram Bogusz and Christian Guttmann have a strong message – Don’t Panic! Highlighting the d ...