The Ratio Colloquium for Young Social Scientists or RCYSS for short is a yearly conference held at the Ratio institute. To the left you can find information about earlier conferences.

This year our tenth RCYSS will take place in august and adress digitalization.

The Ratio Institute hereby invites junior scholars in management, economics, economic history, sociology, etc. to submit proposals for a cross disciplinary research colloquium in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of this Colloquium is to bring together researchers in different fields working on the emergence, effects, diffusion, organizing, and strategic management of digitalization.


  • Cross-disciplinary social sciences colloquium focused on digitalization
  • Collaborative and stimulating atmosphere for young scholars to develop papers
  • Keynotes by J.P. Eggers (NYU) and Ola Henfridsson (Warwick)
  • Accommodation and travel costs covered for participants with accepted full papers