Erlingsson, Gissur Ó och Ödalen, Jörgen (2009). ”Den politiska basorganisationens framtid: Fyra realistiska vägval.” Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift, 111(2), 115–134.

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The Future of Local Government: Four Realistic Pathways.
Two main arguments are present- ed in this article. First, when alternatives for the future of local government is debated, two questions need to be addressed simultaneously: (a) ”how many and how big municipalities ought we have?”, and (b) “how strong and well secured ought the principle of local self government be in the constitution?”. Second, by using these questions as guides for the analysis, we argue that there are instrumental reasons to guarantee a strong local self government in the constitution. However, such a reform needs to be complemented by a politically neutral body of regulations that, under given condi- tions, secures geographically concentrated minorities a right to secede.