Conference: The Impact of AI on White Collar Work

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Online interdisciplinary conference about the use of artificial intelligence in white collar work and implications for the labour market.

White collar work is increasingly important in employment. Meanwhile, it performs a number of tasks that is susceptible to AI-induced automation. At the conference, researchers will present their recent research. We welcome researchers in economics, computer-science, informatics and related disciplines. A limited number of non-presenters are also welcomed to sign up for attending. To benefit the research presented, we aim for an active and close interaction between participants, akin to a workshop.

On November 25th, AI-Econ Lab and Örebro University hosts the online conference ”The Impact of AI on White Collar Work”, with the Ratio institute and the Trade and Investment in Services (TIISA) Network as partners.

Keynote speakers:

  • Anna Salomons, professor, Utrecht University School of Economics, Netherlands.

  • Morgan Frank, assistant professor, School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburg, USA.

For more information, please visit the following page, or contact the initiator Magnus Lodefalk.

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