Kristina Nyström



Nyström's research in keywords: entreprenörskap, företagsdynamik, institutionell ekonomi, näringslivsomvandling, regional ekonomi

Professor Kristina Nyström study industry and firm dynamics in terms of creation, expansion, contraction and closure of firms. The research has a regional and/or institutional perspective. How do institutional conditions, such as rules and regulations, affect entrepreneurship? Her research also focuses on the role of entrepreneurship in the labour market as well as recruitment and skills shortages.

Kristina’s research focuses on the following themes:
• Firm dynamics in terms of creation, expansion, contraction and closure of firms
• Labor mobility related to entrepreneurship and displacement
• Institutions and entrepreneurship
• Firm dynamics and entrepreneurship in a regional context
• Labour market dynamics and employment in newly created and closed firms
• Recruitment of competence in a regional perspective

Arbetslöshet, Arbetsmarknad, Egenföretagande, Entreprenörskap, Företag, Institutionell ekonomi, Kompetens, Kompetens för tillväxt, Kristina Nyström, Regional utveckling, Regleringar

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