Linda Weidenstedt



Weidenstedt's research in keywords: Employment protection, Empowerment, Future of work, Gig economy, Leadership, Management, Platform economy, Psychological contracts, Remote work, Sociology

Linda Weidenstedt holds a PhD in Sociology. In her dissertation she studied communicative prerequisites for workplace empowerment. She’s a researcher at Ratio and also affiliated to the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University. 

Her research deals with working life, organization, and leadership, with a focus on the future of work, digital work, as well as the platform and gig economy (both from the platforms’ as well as the gig workers’ perspectives). 

Her research interests also include remote working, psychological (informal) contracts, and the Swedish employment protection legislation (LAS). 

Anställningsskydd, Arbetsmarknad, Empowerment, Ledarskap, Linda Weidenstedt, Management, Osynligt kontrakt, Sociologi

Bankgiro: 512-6578