Nils Karlson

Professor, Founder and former CEO


Karlson's research in keywords: arbetsmarknadsmodeller, dygder, EU, kompetensfrågor, konstitutionell ekonomi., marknad och civilsamhälle, Politisk förändring, rättvisa, samspelet politik, statskonst

Professor Nils Karlson is an economist and political scientist, working in the fields of institutional economics, political theory, public choice, industrial relations and constitutional political economy.

Research focus on the interaction between politics, markets and civil society in Western democracies and welfare states.

Major interests in statecraft and liberal, welfare-enhancing reform, constitutional design and consequences of welfare state expansion. Special interests in labour market models and collective bargaining, education and skills formation, virtue ethics, entrepreneurship and market processes, and the future of the European Union.


Arbetsmarknad, Avreglering, Dygder, EU, Företagandets villkor, Institutionell ekonomi, Kompetens, Kompetens för tillväxt, Kompetensförsörjning, Konstitution, Lönebildning, Nils Karlson, Politisk förändring, Rättsstat, Svenska modellen, Välfärd

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