Olof Ejermo



Ejermo's research in keywords: databases, econometrics, entrepreneurship, innovation, spillovers

My research interests are broadly within areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. I am interested in process of spillovers of knowledge in science, innovation and entrepreneurship, for instance studied through mobility and migration. Connected to this is an interest in academic-industry interaction. My strive in economic historic research is to understand the role and development of foundations for industrial and economic development and link this to the contemporary economy.

I study innovation and entrepreneurship from an innovation economics point of view. My research draws theoretically more from evolutionary path-dependent and non-optimizing thinking. On the other hand, my empirical toolbox has strongly been inspired by the developments in applied econometrics towards causal identification strategies (cf. The Prize in Economic Sciences 2021 – Prize announcement ( My research is also strongly based on the collection and honing of own large-scale data, visible through the collection of three sets of data: inventor data on individual level, publication data by academics and entrepreneurship data in economic history.

Some of the broad questions that my research aims to answer are: How does knowledge spread? How do individuals interact and affect other? And some of the channels I’m interested in concern migration, mobility, innovation programs, infrastructure, and trade. 

Bankgiro: 512-6578