The Global Labor Market Meets a National Model

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The Global Labor Market Meets a National Model

How about working from anywhere?

December 2023 marks the 85th anniversary of the signing of the Saltsjöbaden Agreement, which laid the foundation for the Swedish Model of labour relations. While the agreement has proven successful—and adaptable—it is once again being challenged on several fronts, including an ongoing talent shortage and new demands for flexibility.

How does the prospect of global hiring—employing the talent companies need regardless of where the talent is located—affect the Swedish labour market? Will the Swedish Model be swept aside by an emerging tech-enabled, globalised labour market? Or could it serve as a template for setting a Swedish-inspired global labour market?

Could Swedish companies be at risk for a “brain drain” if more Swedish workers get hired remotely from companies based elsewhere?

Welcome to an afternoon seminar and discussion about the future of the labour market together with researchers, politicians and policy entrepreneurs. During this seminar Samuel Dahan, Law Professor Queens University, Canada, will hold a keynote presenting his recent research and put it in the context of broader labour market globalisation trends.

In addition, a number of Swedish experts will participate, among others:
• Jens Nordquist, Vice MD & Head of People & Performance, Academic Work
• Niklas Selberg, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law at Lund University
• Fredrik Sjöholm, Professor in Economics, Lund University, CEO Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)
• Lotta Stern, Professor in Sociology, Stockholm University, CEO Ratio Institute

The first part of the seminar will be in English, the second part in Swedish.

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