Financing of Innovations

In 2013 Ratio initiated a research program called ”Financing of innovations” with the aim to further develop the innovation climate in Sweden. The program ran until 2018.

Ratio researchers investigated the economic and legal challenges of financing of innovation, from an empirical and interdisciplinary perspective, for businesses in all stages of developmentfrom start-ups to large listed companies.

The following thematic areas were analysed and discussed:

  • Financing of start-ups and fast growing businesses
  • Financing of disruptive innovation
  • Legal aspects of financing of innovation
  • State subsidies and innovation
  • Corporate governance and innovation

Questions such as the efficiency of financing systems and state subsidies were studied and discussed, as well as topics concerning the interplay between financing and entrepreneurship.

Within the scope of the program Ratio created an arena for dialog where entrepreneurs, governmental agencies and decision makers were engaged in the areas of research, discussing and spreading research results and, hopefully, implementing policy conclusions reached within the framework of the program.

The program was financed by Vinnova, Swedens governmental agency for innovation, and led by Ratios CEO Nils Karlson.

The project is summarized in the book BUREAUCRATS OR MARKETS IN INNOVATION POLICY?

Ratio is an independent research institute that researches how the conditions of entrepreneurship can be developed and improved.

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