The labour market of tomorrow

In 2017 Ratio initiated a four year research programme on labour market issues.

Ratio researchers investigate the challenges for the Swedish labour market and the Swedish model for wage formation: How can collective agreements be attractive to entrepreneurs and employed of tomorrow? This programme includes studies on mismatch and skills shortage as well as on effects of taxation- housing- and infrastructure policy. Focus is on evaluating alternative methods for an increased flexibility of the Swedish labour market.

Five thematic areas are analysed and discussed:

  • The labour market of tomorrow
  • The Swedish labour market model and it’s challanges
  • Labour market regulations
  • Allocation of skills and mismatching
  • Effects of taxation-, housing-, and infrastructure policy on the efficiency of the Swedish labour market

Within the scope of the programme Ratio creates an arena for dialog where entrepreneurs, governmental agencies and decision makers are engaged in the areas of research, discussing and spreading research results and, hopefully, implementing policy conclusions reached within the framework of the program.

The programme is financed by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and it’s member organisations.

For more information about the programme, please contact professor Lotta Stern who is responsible for the programme.

Ratio is an independent research institute that researches how the conditions of entrepreneurship can be developed and improved.

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