Lodefalk: The Rise of AI: How the presence of this technology will affect the labour market


Over the course of history we’ve seen how technology can replace a job that was once human operated. However, with any new technology, what replaces one job might open the door for a new area of skilled labour. Will AI replace us or will it allow development for new roles and career paths? What type of skills will be less and more important, and how should you think from a HR recruitment part of view?

That is the topic when associate professor Magnus Lodefalk, Örebro University & the Ratio research institute, joins the podcast The Employer Branding Geeks Podcast, by Universum. He discusses the rise of AI together with Claes Peyron, Managing Director Nordics, UK&I at Universum, and PhD Magdalena Stadin, Uppsala University.

Listen to the episode here.

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