Innovation in Malmö after the Öresund bridge.

PublicationArticle (with peer review)


We analyze the effect of the Öresund Bridge, a combined railway and motorway bridge between Swedish Malmö and the Danish capital Copenhagen, on inventive activity in the region of Malmö. Applying difference-in-difference estimation on individual-level data, our findings suggest that the Öresund Bridge led to a significant increase in the number of patents per individual in the Malmö region as compared with the two other major regions in Sweden, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. We show that a key mechanism is the attraction of highly qualified workers to the Malmö region following the construction of the bridge.

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Ejermo, O., Hussinger, K., Kalash, B., & Schubert, T. (2022). Innovation in Malmö after the Öresund bridge. Journal of Regional Science, 62(1), 5-20.

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