Working Paper No. 357: Managing Work from Anywhere: Six Points to Consider for HR Professionals

PublicationWorking paper
Future of work, Human resource management, Remote work, Working from anywhere (WFA), Working from home (WFH)
Ratio Working Paper 357


Purpose: The aim of this study is to assist human resource practitioners, leaders, and managers in their decision-making processes regarding the future of remote work by contributing with insights into, and synthesis of, existing research regarding working from home and working from anywhere.
Design/methodology/approach: We conducted a general review of the international literature in the fields of remote work, work from home, and work from anywhere with the aim to inductively discern themes research hitherto has dealt with.
Findings: We identified three larger themes: (1) productivity and efficiency, (2) remote leadership, and (3) work environment and work-life balance, each incorporating subthemes that contribute to a greater understanding of relevant topics in the context of remote work. In order to provide relevant information regarding the research front and guidance towards worthwhile considerations for HR professionals, leaders, and managers, we summarize our results in six concise points, each suggesting relevant questions to assess in relation to the future of remote work.
Originality: Companies will be forced to determine how to approach the post-Covid era and establish a new status quo regarding the future of office work that, ideally, will be mutually beneficial for employers and employees—whether it incorporates office, remote, or hybrid work. To the best of our knowledge a general review of the literature on remote work with specific, evidence-based, points to consider for HR professionals has not yet been undertaken.

Allstrin, S., Grafström, J., Stern, C. & Weidenstedt, L. Managing Work from Anywhere: Six Points to Consider for HR Professionals. Ratio Working Paper No. 357. Stockholm: Ratio.

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