The aim of this colloquium is to bring together research and researchers in different fields dealing with labour markets and collective bargaining. We therefore invite young scholars, including graduate students, in economics, political science, law and economics, sociology, economic history, and related fields to submit proposals for a cross disciplinary colloquium/workshop.

In addition to paper sessions there will be two plenary sessions, one of which will be given by Franz Traxler, professor Institut für Wirtschaftssoziologie at the University of Vienna. Professor Lars Magnusson, at the Department of Economic History Uppsala University, will give the other.

We will discuss papers around the following questions at the Colloquium:

  • Decentralized bargaining and its effects
  • Labour-market conflicts in the global economy
  • The role of the state in the labour market
  • Public-sector bargaining
  • The competing labour-market models
  • The role of cartels in the labour market
  • Insiders and outsiders in the labour market

The 2009 Ratio Young Scientist Award is awarded to the best paper presented at the colloquium. The winning author will receive 1000 Euro in award.

The conference took place at the Ratio Institute in Stockholm 20-22 august 2009.

Ratio is an independent research institute that researches how the conditions of entrepreneurship can be developed and improved.

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