The aim of this colloquium was to bring together research and researchers in different fields dealing with policy change, knowledge and learning. Ratio therefore invited young scholars,
including graduate students, in political science, economics, law and economics, sociology, economic history, and related fields to submit proposals for a cross disciplinary colloquium/workshop held in Stockholm in August 2011.

In addition to paper sessions there where two plenary sessions, one of which was given by Daniel Béland, Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and professor at University of Saskatchewan. His research focuses on the role of ideas in politics, welfare state and social policy and Béland has numerous scholarly articles in leading academic journals. He is also the author of the books: Ideas and Politics in Social Science Research (2010) and What is Social Policy? Understanding the Welfare State (2010). The other was held by Michael Howlett, Burnaby Mountain Chair and Professor of Political Science at Simon Fraser University. He is specialized in public policy analysis, Canadian political economy, and Canadian resource and environmental policy. Howlett is amongst others co-author of Studying Public Policy (2003 & 1995) and The Puzzles of Power (1994 & 1998).

We especially welcomed papers dealing with the following areas and issues:
• Experts and expertise in the policy process
• Diffusion and transfer of policy ideas
• Learning and change in political organizations
• Policy networks and epistemic communities

Both theoretical and empirical papers where considered. The papers submitted where expected to be work in progress: It should be more than ideas, but still unpublished papers.

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