The Ratio Institute hereby invites young scholars in economics, business administration and economic history and related fields to submit paper proposals for a cross disciplinary workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim of this colloquium is to bring together researchers in different fields working on technological discontinuities and industrial transformation.

In addition to paper sessions there will be two keynote lectures by Richard Langlois and Mary Tripsas.

Richard Langlois is Professor of economics at the University of Connecticut. His work has been published widely in top academic journals and he is the author and editor of numerous books. He has developed new theory on dynamic transaction costs and on modular technological systems. His research focus on theory of the firm, organizational boundaries, technology, innovation, business history, economics of institutions and economic thought.

Mary Tripsas is Associate Professor of business administration at Boston College. Her research focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy, including theories of the role of cognition, complementary assets and changing customer preferences under conditions of discontinuous technological change. She has been published widely in top academic journals and is, among other things, senior editor of Organization Science .

We especially welcome papers dealing with the following issues:
• How factor conditions influence the performance of firms handling technology transitions
• The co-evolution of firms, institutions and technology
• The role of managerial cognition for opportunity recognition and superior firm performance
• Longitudinal historical case studies
• How firms facing technological change relate to existing and new markets
• Empirical papers on current technological discontinuities
• Comparative studies of firms responding to technological change

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