Heckscher lecture 2022 with Professor Ray Stokes

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Welcome to the Eli F. Heckscher lecture 29 September at 17.00-18.45!

Professor Ray Stokes is an academic historian and the current Chair of Business History and Director of the Centre for Business History in Scotland at the University of Glasgow. He is this this year’s keynote speaker.

During his lecture, “Business, Industrial, or Economic History? Finding Common Ground”, he will discuss a new type of industry history, linking together economic history, business history and institutional economics.

Professor Stokes research interests are primarily in German Business History, in particular business during the Third Reich, and comparisons of technology, innovation and the environment in Germany and America from 1933 to 1990. Stokes is the director of the Centre for Business History that has the objective to encourage, facilitate and conduct research in all aspects of business history, with particular emphasis on corporate governance, innovation, and organisational change. 2014-2022, he served as editor-in-chief of Business History, the leading journal in the field of business history.

Date: Thursday September 29th
Time: 17.00-18.45
Place: Stockholm School of Economics, Sveavägen 65, Stockholm
Room: Aulan


About the Heckscher lecture

The Heckscher Lecture is arranged each year by The EHFF Institute for Economic and Business History Research and The Ratio Institute, to honor Professor Eli F. Heckscher and his work. Heckscher was active at the Stockholm School of Economics as an economist and economic – historian and he was a leading scholar in those subjects for half a century. His work was mainly focused on economic theory and methods, Swedish economic history and institutional economic analyses. He is most famous for co-developing the Heckscher-Ohlin theorem in international economics.

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