Nytt Working Paper om entreprenörskap

Brian S. Anderson, exploratory research, publishing in JBV, Research design

Ratioforskaren Karl Wennberg har tillsammans med Brian S. Anderson vid Ghent University, Belgium skrivit Working Papret ”EDITORIAL: ENHANCING QUANTITATIVE EXPLORATORY ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH”. De sammanfattar pappret enligt följande:

”The purpose of this editorial is to discuss ways to enhance exploratory quantitative studies in entrepreneurship. We use examples from entrepreneurship research and other scientific fields to illustrate the advantages of graphical data display for both exploratory purposes and post hoc tests. We provide suggestions for authors, reviewers, and editors on ways to enhance the transparency, accuracy, and pedagogical presentation of quantitative data in papers with the explicit purpose of illuminating emerging and important entrepreneurship phenomena. Our hope is that we spark a conversation among entrepreneurship scholars about the state of our empirical work and the possibilities that lie ahead to enhance exploratory entrepreneurship research.”

Du kan läsa hela pappret här.

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