Klein, Daniel B och Stern, Charlotta (2005). ”Democrats and Republicans in Anthropology and Sociology: How Do They Differ on Public Policy Issues?” The American Sociologist, 35(4): 79-86.

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Abstract: Within the fields of anthropology and sociology, how do Democrats and Republicans compare in their opinions on issues of economic regulation, personal choice, and the role of government? Using data from a survey of U.S. members of the American Anthropological Association and the American Sociological Association—with 701 respondents—we find that the differences generally fit the “liberal” and “conservative” stereotypes. Democrats are more permissive on drugs, prostitution, and immigration, while Republicans are more permissive on economic activity. The Democrats are more opposed to military action. However, our survey shows that both Democrats and Republicans are generally supportive or neutral on government activism. Our survey enables a kind of quantification of the differences between the Democrats and Republicans in the two academic fields examined.