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Halvarsson, D. (2013). Firm Dynamics: The Size and Growth Distribution of Firms (Doctoral dissertation, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden).

Abstract: This thesis is about firm dynamics, and relates to the size and growth-rate distribution of firms. As such, it consists of an introductory and four separate chapters. The first chapter concerns the size distribution of firms, the two subsequent chapters deal more specifically with high-growth firms (HGFs), and the last chapter covers a related topic in distributional estimation theory. The first three chapters are empirically oriented, whereas the fourth chapter develops a statistical concept.

Data in the empirical section of the thesis come from two sources. First, PAR, a Swedish consulting firm that gathers information from the Swedish Patent and registration office on all Swedish limited liability firms. Second, the IFDB-database, which comes from the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis and comprises a selection of longitudinal register data from Statistics Sweden and contains business-related information on firms and establishments operating in Sweden, irrespective of their legal status.