Knowledge Accumulation in Entrepreneurship

PublikationArtikel (med peer review)


As the field of entrepreneurship has grown, so has the accumulated knowledge about individual entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial ventures, and the entrepreneurial environment. The purpose of this special issue is to offer a forum for articles that used different approaches to examine the literature for the purpose of accumulating knowledge on various facets of entrepreneurship. We first provide context for the special issue and then attempt to extend the contributions of the eight articles it contains. We conclude by calling for further knowledge accumulation efforts and discussing the kinds of efforts needed to advance the state of knowledge of the field.

The article can be accessed here.

Chrisman, J. J., Neubaum, D. O., Welter, F., & Wennberg, K. (2022). Knowledge Accumulation in Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 10422587221093321.

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