Nyström, K. (2018). Regional resilience to displacements. Regional Studies, 52(1), 4-22. DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2016.1262944

Abstract: This paper contributes to knowledge about regional resilience to displacement and examines the extent to which the characteristics of the (1) regional closures, (2) individuals in a region, (3) regional industry, (4) regional economy and (5) regional attractiveness influence the re-employment of displaced employees. Regions where the average size of establishment closures is large or the regional displacement rate is high exhibit increased resilience in terms of re-employing displaced employees in the same region. Unrelated and related industrial variety are positively related to resilience to displacement in regions with low re-employment capacities, whereas there is some evidence that regional attractiveness is positively related to resilience in regions with a good ability to re-employ displaced employees in the same region.

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