Öberg, C. (2018). A typology of post-M&A marketing integration. International Journal of Comparative Management, 1(1), 91-105. DOI: 10.1504/IJCM.2018.10012498

Abstract: The merger and acquisition (M&A) literature remains scarce on descriptions about marketing integration. The few M&A studies focusing on marketing integration describe a one-type-fits-all integration. This paper develops a typology on marketing integration. The typology departs from the continuum between standardized products and customized services, and the continuum between transactional and relational exchanges with customers. Literature reviews and qualitative case studies functioned as data sources for the typology. The findings denote how the integration varies greatly, both in terms of degree of integration and in what could successfully be integrated based on variations in offerings and customer interactions. The paper contributes to the M&A literature and the previous scarce literature on marketing related to M&As.