Öberg, C. (2016). University spin-offs and their commercialisation through acquisition. International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business, 8(4), 413-436. DOI: 10.1504/IJGSB.2016.10002413

Abstract: This paper discusses commercialisation through the acquisition of university spin-offs and its various outcomes based on resource and capability reconfigurations. The paper takes the university spin-offs perspective on the issue, meaning that it captures what happens with the university spin-off in terms of resource and capability configurations and the potential opening of new development paths as a consequence of the acquisition. Findings point to an increased gap between resources and capability use as the consequence of the acquisition. While resources may be added to the spin-off to fill resource gaps, the university spin-off is not helped but rather constrained in its use of its capabilities, and new capabilities may not be developed or added related to the added resources. Regardless of resource reconfigurations, the only obtained commercialisation is if the acquirer starts buying from the spin-off. The paper contributes to previous research through its focus on acquisitions of university spin-offs, and in its wider sense to literature on the commercialisation of research ideas.