Ladda ner publikation: Working Paper No. 148.

Working Paper No. 148. Eklund, Johan E., Palmberg, Johanna and Wiberg, Daniel (2010) ”Family Ownership and Returns on Investment – Founders, Heirs, and External Managers”.

Abstract: This paper investigates how family ownership, control, and management affect firms’ investment performance. We use the identity of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board (COB) to establish under what management the firm is: founder, descendant, or external management. The results show that founder management has no effect on investment performance in family firms, whereas descendant management has a negative impact on returns on investment. Having an externally hired manager significantly improves investment performance. The results also indicate that the separation of voting right from cash flow right has a negative impact on investment performance in both family and non-family firms, but the negative effect is larger in family firms.