Ladda ner publikation: social_cohesion_ratio_wp211

Working Paper No. 211. Andreasson, Hannes. Elert, Niklas. Karlson, Nils (2013) Does Social Cohesion Really Promote Reforms?

Abstract: This paper investigates whether social cohesion makes economic reforms more likely. First, we investigate whether social cohesion is a coherent concept by using a principal-component factor (PCF) analysis covering 16 indicators used to measure social cohesion in the previous literature for 40 dierent countries. The results suggest that in fact social cohesion is a multidimensional concept, consisting of no less than five orthogonal components or distinct dimensions, which we label social divisions, modern values, traditional nationalism, institutional commitment, and fairness as merit. These dimensions are then examined in relationship with economic reform in a panel regression framework. Results show that most dimensions of social cohesion do not in fact inuence reform capacity. However, views of fairness based on merit, in contrast to equality, and to some extent social divisions, are found to have a positive efect on economic reforms. The results go against the previous literature, challenging the prevailing view of social cohesion as being unambiguously benecial to economic reform.