Ratio Working Paper No. 237: How policy could handle workplace digitization

PublikationWorking paper
Arbetsmarknad, Digitalisering, Evelina Stadin, Karl Wennberg
Working Paper No. 237.
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While the brave new world of digital technology is delivering intensive growth to some companies and individuals, the question remains whether that growth ‘trickles down’ or ‘spills over’ to other sectors of the economy rapidly enough to avoid the massive social disruptions seen in earlier historical periods of economic transformation. In this short paper we discuss the potential labour market consequences of automation based on digital technology.

Även tillgänglig i: Bergström, A., Wennberg, K. & Stadin, E. (2014). “How policies can handle workplace digitisation”. I K. Wennberg & G. Ehrling (red.), Inclusive Growth in Europe. Stockholm: Bertil Ohlin Institute.

Bergström, A., Wennberg, K. & Stadin, E. (2014). How policy could handle workplace digitization. Ratio Working Paper No. 237.

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The Entrepreneurial Story and its Implications for Research
Artikel (med peer review)Publikation
Brattström, A., & Wennberg, K.


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Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 46(6), 1443-1468.


Research is not merely report-writing; it also involves elements of storytelling. In this essay, we reflect on two narrative archetypes in entrepreneurship research: the stories of entrepreneurship as a road to salvation and means to emancipation. We outline a framework to analyze research from a storytelling perspective, apply this framework to identify implicit assumptions and methodological biases in mainstream research, and discuss how a storytelling framework can be used to generate alternative stories. We argue for a more empirically grounded research agenda that continues the development of entrepreneurship research into a rich and diverse field.

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