Ratio Dialogue on Populism and the Free Society

Företagandets villkor, Mont Pelerin Society, Nils Karlson

Deirdre McCloskey, Luigi Zingales, Timur Kuran and Nils Karlson on Facebook live on November 2nd from 15.30 CET.

What does populism mean? Why do people buy it? Is the critique against the established elites valid? What are the main causes of the populist threats to the free society? What is meant by the populism-stagnation spiral? And does migration matter? How can public discourse and liberal democracy be restored?

Deirdre McCloskey, Luigi Zingales and Timur Kuran are some of the sharpets minds in academia today. They have all written extensively on the foundations of liberal societies. In conjunction with a special meeting with the Mont Pelerin Society on the populist threats to the free society and the reconstruction of the liberal project hosted by the Ratio Institute in Stockholm Sweden, they will now get together for a dialogue on some of the most pressing issues of our time. Professor Nils Karlson, CEO of the Ratio Institute and author of the new book Statecraft and Liberal Reform in Advanced Democracies (Palgrave Macmillan), will be the chair of the discussion.

This Ratio dialogue will be broadcasted through Facebook live on November 2nd from 15.30 CET and can be seen here.

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