Ratio Hosts a Special Meeting with the Mont Pelerin Society

Deirdre McCloskey, Företagandets villkor, Mont Pelerin Society, Nils Karlson

From November 2nd to November 4th The Ratio Institute welcomes members and fellows of the Mont Pelerin Society to a special meeting in Stockholm Sweden. The conference will be held on the theme ”The Populist Threats to the Free Society and the Reconstruction of the Liberal Project” and feature speakers as Deirdre McCloskey, Leszek Balcerowicz, Karen Horn and Timur Kuran.

The Mont Pelerin Society were founded in 1947, as it is stated in the aims, to discuss the crisis of the times, realizing that the central values of civilization were in danger.

Today 70 years later we face similar, if not identical, problems. In many or even most Western democracies populism, authoritarian nationalism, statism, interventionism, protectionism and similar creeds are on the rise. Individual freedom, the market economy, the rule of law, free trade and the open society are under threat.

There is a need for a group of economists, historians, philosophers, and other students of public affairs, both younger and more senior, to meet and develop the intellectual arguments and to reassert the valid ideals that can challenge the populist threats to the free society.

More information will be published here.

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