Robert Demir och Karl Wennberg i kommande nummer av Long Range Planning

Alexander McKelvie, Företagandets villkor, Företagsekonomi, Karl Wennberg, Robert Demir, Snabbväxande företag

Karl Wennberg och Robert Demir har tillsammans med Alexander McKelvie (Syracuse University) fått en studie om snabbväxande företag accepterad för publikation. Artikeln The Strategic Management of High-Growth Firms: A Review and Theoretical Conceptualization kommer att publiceras I ett specialnummer av högt ansedda tidskriften Long Range Planning.

Abstract: Scholars’ knowledge of the factors behind high-growth firms remains fragmented. This paper provides a systematic review of the empirical literature concerning high-growth firms with a focus on the strategic aspects contributing to growth. Based on our review of 39 articles, we identify five drivers of high growth: human capital, strategy, human resource management, innovation, and capabilities. These drivers are combined to develop a conceptual model of high-growth firms that includes potential contingency factors among the five drivers. We also propose a research agenda to deepen the study of high-growth firms in strategic management.

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