Mårten Blix



Blix's research in keywords: digital health care, Digitalization, fintech, privatization, welfare

Mårten Blix research has focused on the effects of digitalization on welfare and society. He has written about digitalization in health care and telemedicine. He has devoted work to structural change and the effects of work place automation as well as fintech. He has recently published two books: Digitalization, Immigration and the Welfare State(Edward Elgar) and Privatizing Welfare Services – Lessons from the Swedish Experiment(Oxford University Press).

Mårten Blix has previously worked at the Riksbank (the Swedish central bank), the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance. He has also been an expert at the European Central Bank as well as secretary in the Commission on the Future of Sweden. He has previously been research fellow at the Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm.

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