Webinar: The Institutional Future of the EU

Webinar: The Institutional Future of the EU

The European Union has reached not just a stopping point, but a possible turning point. But towards what? Some say an “ever closer political union”—not necessarily meaning the same thing, some say “something else”—meaning what? What will happen to the internal market and institutional competition when industrial and social policies become prominent?

Welcome to an open webinar where the institutional future of the EU and its different implications on the competitiveness will be discussed by Nils Karlson, professor at the Ratio Institute in Sweden, Dr. Dalibor Rohac, Senior Fellow at American Enterprise Institute in the US, and Prof. Dr. Michael Wohlgemuth, the Foundation for Economic Governance and Public Law (Stiftung für Ordnungspolitik und Staatsrecht) in Liechtenstein.

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