Eli F. Heckscher Lectures

The Heckscher Lectures are held each year to honour the memory of Eli F. Heckscher’s (1879-1952). Among other things, Heckscher was the founder of economic history in Sweden.

The lecture is arranged each year by The EHFF Institute for Economic and Business History Research and The Ratio Institute. Heckscher was active at the Stockholm School of Economics as an economist and economic – historian and he was a leading scholar in those subjects for half a century. His work was mainly focused on economic theory and methods, Swedish economic history and institutional economic analyses. He is most famous for co-developing the Heckscher-Ohlin theorem in international economics.

Below is a list of the Heckscher lecturers since 2008, when Ratio became a co-organizer.

Often, a Ratio dialogue is recorded in connection with the annual Heckscher lecture. You can watch them here.

The Persistence of the China Shock | David Autor | Ratio dialogueThe Persistence of the China Shock | David Autor | Ratio dialogue
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