Karlson deltar i “Reopening: Lessons From Across Europe”

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Nils Karlson participates in a webinar organized by the Adam Smith Institute. To listen, register here.

The UK’s lockdown was justified as necessary to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed. But it is causing extreme psychological, social, and economic distress. We are now facing the challenge of exiting the lockdown as quickly and as safely possible.

As the UK takes the first steps, other countries took a different approach from the start or have already begun lifting lockdown.

Sweden did not instigate a stringent lockdown. Was there ever much need for lockdowns? Is it possible to ease lockdown but avoid the ’second peak’ by observing hygiene and social distancing?

Italy was the first European country to begin lockdown. They are now lifting the lockdown at different rates in different regions, should the UK do the same or continue with our national approach?

Denmark has already begun easing its lockdown, to be completed on 8 June. What prompted their rapid relaxation? Has it been successful? Does Denmark, and similar moves in Germany, provide a route for the UK?


  • Eamonn Butler is Director of the Adam Smith Institute (ASI), which he co-founded. As well as many reports for the Institute he has published books on leading liberal thinkers and ideas. He is co-author of the ASI’s recent report on the costs of lockdown.
  • Otto Brøns-Petersen is Head of Analysis at the Centre for Political and Economic Studies (CEPOS) in Copenhagen, where he has worked since 2013. Previously he was director of Denmark’s Ministry of Taxation, head of the Ministry of Finance and a lecturer at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Nils Karlson is the founding president and CEO of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm. He is an economist and political scientist. Prior to founding Ratio he was president of the City University in Stockholm.
  • Alberto Mingardi is Director-General and co-founder of Italy’s free-market think tank, Instituto Bruno Leoni in Milan. His commentaries appear in major Italian newspapers and in international newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal.

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