Ny publikation om migration och yrkeskarriärer

A. V. William Clark, Arbetskraftens rörlighet, Företagandets villkor, Humankapital, Martin Korpi, Migration, Urbanisering

Ratioforskaren Martin Korpi och A.V. William Clark har tillsammans skrivit artikeln ”Migration and Occupational Careers: The Static and Dynamic Urban Wage Premium by Education and City Size”.

I deras abstract skriver de:

Using matched employer-employee full population data on regional migrants in Sweden, this paper addresses the question whether the urban wage premium, and ‘thick’ labour market matching effects, are to be found across all educational groups, and whether the population threshold for these types of effects varies by educational category. Estimating initial wages, average wage level and wage growth 2001-2009, we find similar wage premiums for all workers in the three largest metropolitan areas, but that there are distinct population thresholds for these type of effects, regardless of educational background. However, job search behaviour as explaining dynamic effects over time seems to pertain mostly to those with higher education.

Hela artikeln går att läsa här.

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