Robert Demir: What about the ethics of FinTech?

Företagandets villkor, Företagsekonomi, Robert Demir

– FinTech is rapidly becoming the backbone of consumers’ buying and investing habits, increasingly entrenching different technologies into everyday use. FinTech has transformed the way banks offer financial services to customers, and every day, financial institutions are finding innovative ways to share banking use cases and financial functions with their beneficiaries. With this increased access to financial services, customers’ personal information has become readily available and easily accessible. Open banking APIs make it easy for FinTechs to work with traditional banking data. Further, the unstructured data available on the internet could be mined to gain new customer insights. While there are many benefits to mining customer data, the dark sides of digital technologies are underrepresented in current discussions on the digitalisation of financial products and services, writes Robert Demir of Lancaster University Management School and the Ratio Institute toghether with Raghuveer Ramkumar. Read the full article at Fintech Weekly.

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