Wennberg, K. & DeTienne, D. R. (2014). What do we really mean when we talk about ‘exit’? A critical review of research on entrepreneurial exit. International Small Business Journal, 32(1), 4-16. DOI: 10.1177/0266242613517126

Abstract: Much of the research on entrepreneurial exit has focused on exit as a dichotomous outcome whereby exit is viewed negatively and survival positively. This perspective is quite different from that of practising entrepreneurs, who are more likely to be concerned with various types of exit, viewing some options as the ultimate fulfilment of the new venture process. Further, research on exit frequently fails to account for performance (for example, earnings from self-employment or firm-level profitability) in empirical models, even though performance is arguably the critical component of determining whether an exit is successful or unsuccessful. This review article delves into these issues – founder exit intentions, strategies for executing the exit, the process of exit and the importance of controlling for, or including, performance measures in academic research – thereby outlining an agenda for future research regarding entrepreneurial exit.

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