Klein, Daniel B och Stern, Charlotta (2006). ”Sociology and Classical Liberalism.” The Independent Review, 11(1): 37-52.

Abstract: We advocate the development of a classical-liberal character in sociology. Even social democrats should recognize classical liberalism as a venerable tradition. They should recognize that its antistatist sensibilities remain a vibrant and valuable part of the general political culture. To say that classical liberalism is underrepresented in sociology would be a vast understatement. Forbidden might be more fitting. The lack of classical liberalism, in our view, has worked to the detriment of sociology and the public purposes that sociology presumably should be fulfilling. First, we relate recent controversies within the sociology profession to show that some sociologists are very critical of the profession’s ideological character. Second, we summarize the results of our survey of ASA members, providing hard data that shows the almost complete absence of classical liberals in the organization. Third, we sketch a few substantive ideas to indicate the promise
of classical-liberal sociology.


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